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Increased Stamp Duty rates for Buy To Let Landlords

The Chancellor, George Osborne, delivered another blow to buy to let landlords yesterday with the announcement that buy to let landlords or those buying second homes will face 3% higher stamp duty fees on purchase. The exact details of this announcement are yet to be released, so it’s unclear exactly how it will operate and […]

Let Property Campaign – HMRC Rental income disclosures

Do you have previously undeclared rental income to disclose? If so, now is a great time to clear up your affairs and draw a line under the past.  HMRC are currently operating an amnesty called the Let Property Campaign whereby the penalties and fines are greatly reduced for people who come forward and declare any previously undisclosed […]

Stamp Duty Land Tax Changes – December 2014

The Chancellor yesterday announced transformational changes to the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) regime for residential purchases.  The new system is a progressive system whereby each slice of the purchase price is taxed at the relevant rate compared to the old ‘slab’ system where you paid your relevant rate on the full purchase price. Everyone […]